The Evolution Of Christian Lassiter

by Brandon Tate

Pasco, WA 4/12/20 - Looking at the Rush roster it is clear to say The Rush defense has been completely overhauled from its 2021 Championship Team. But some of the key pieces remain including a new looking Christian Lassiter.

Lassiter who was a part of the devastating Rush defensive line that terrorized the AWFC during the 2021 season was an afterthought at times with names like, Dallon Grinder, Noke Tago and Zeus Jackson dominating the headlines. Lassiter who still put up great numbers left Pasco determined to come back stronger and faster .... and that he did. 

As the season was fast approaching the Rush had what they believed to be their final 45 man camp roster... and then a walk on showed. Without notifying anyone, Christian Lassiter showed up to Rush training camp with a point to prove. He did not need an invite nor the praise of peers or coaches. He showed up with one mission to show everyone what Christian Lassiter was about.

Not only did Lassiter show up unexpectedly but he also showed up in the best shape of his life, barely recognizable from the 2021 Lassiter. The new Lassiter quickly showed out camp showing superior strength and speed than even he himself could not of anticipated. Quickly grabbing the attention of all his coaches.

"Was definitely a surprise to see Chris at camp and was even more of a surprise to see what shape he was in." - Head Coach Brandon Tate

Lassiter now with a year under his belt in the Arena Game and championship ring on his finger is looking to put the hole league on notice as his early stats will indicate. Lassiter who finished the 2021 season with 7.5 sacks in 11 games has already put out 4 sacks. currently averaging 1 sack a game and a forced fumble.

Lassiter and the Rush are off to a hot 4-0 start and are working on clinching back to back home Championship Appearances. Make sure you get your tickets today and come watch Lassiter and the best show in town.