Rush take down Horsemen 46-39

by Brandon Tate

The Horsemen arrived at the Hapo Center in what was a rematch of Titans. Both took shots at each other but when the smoke cleared the Rush were victorious 46-39.

Veteran QB and League MVP front runner Les Obie was efficient all night hitting all of his favorite targets and for the first time this year he found the endzone on ground tacking on 2 rushing touchdowns. From the get go running back Keithon Flemming came out on fire. After only rushing for 8 yards in the previous matchup Flemming took advantage of every opportunity gashing the Horsemen defense up and down the field scoring 2 touchdowns and setting up several first and goals at the 1 yard line.

The defense after giving up 71 points previously to the Horsemen responded by getting pressure all night on both Horsemen quarterbacks resulting in several sacks, interceptions and sack fumbles. 

The game came down to the final series where the Horsemen found themselves at the Rush 1 yard line trailing by 7 with a 1:30 left in the game. Dallon Grinder shut down a quarterback sneak on first down and Christian Lassiter and Zeus Jackson added sacks on second and third to force the Horsemen into a 4th and goal from the 20 that they were unable to convert.

The Rush will now face their Rival from down the road, the Yakima Canines. If the Rush are able to win out they would lock up the #1 seed without any tie breakers needed.