Rush sign Thunder God

by Brandon Tate

RUSH fans, grab your coffee, pull up a seat!


The Rush is excited to announce that we have re-signed another HUGE piece from our Championship roster, ATHLETE, Zeus Jackson! 

“Zeus has been an elite player in the Tri-Cities football community for a long time. He has a real passion for sports coupled with an earnest love for our younger fans. He truly transcends the playing field with his impact in our community and we are blessed to have a man like him who exemplifies what it means to be a member of the Tri-City Rush. He can rush the passer, carry the football, and even intercept a pass if you catch him in the right mood. Zeus is the definition of a leader and a playmaker.” - GM Danny Engel

RUSH Fans, are you excited? 

#RhinoSquad #WhosHouse? 🦏🦏🦏