Rush run over Outlaws

by Brandon Tate

The Rush for the 2nd straight week were at the HAPO Center and for the last time of the season before the playoffs came away with a shutout win, 87-0.

The Rush showed why their defense is the best in the league as they shut out the Oregon Outlaws, and for arena football standards this is a very hard feat to accomplish, and with the season winding down you know that this defense is at a high, racking up 7 picks, and 8 Sacks. And getting 3 touchdowns on the defensive side of the ball!

For the offensive side of the ball, both the running and passing game mixed to create this 87-point tally. With there being 4 touchdowns on the ground and 5 in the air!

The Rush will close out their season on Saturday, May 21st at Wenatchee, kickoff at 7 PM!