Rush drop first game of the season

by Brandon Tate

The Rush came into Redmond, Oregon on a 4 game winning streak but after a hard fought battle with the Storm left 4-1. After taking the lead 34-21 in the third quarter everything that could go wrong went wrong. The Rush usually dominant in the turnover game found themselves fighting to survive. 

Holding the lead 34-21 the Rush offense stalled out on the Oregon 5 yard line. The Oregon offense took the field and was able to capitalize on a 4th and 20 to score a touchdown bringing the game to 34-27 after the point after was blocked. The ensuing kickoff was muffed by the Rush and recovered by the Storm at the Rush 1 yard line. The Storm pushed the ball in the next play on a tough run by Running Back Caleb Stennis tying the game 34-34. 

The Rush took over after the kickoff and marched down the field before stalling out and throwing in interception into the Oregon endzone. Oregon again was able to capitalize on a big play and scored from 35 yards out taking the lead 41-34.

The Rush were finally able to put together a successful drive capping it off with a 6 yard touchdown pass from QB Les Obie to WR Manuel Flores. 

With one minute left in the game the Oregon Storm took the football and after being shut down two plays in a row tossed a hail mary to endzone that resulted in a pass interference call on #3 Tyler Merkel of the Rush putting the Storm on the Rush 5 yardline. The Rush stepped up and shut down the Storm 3 plays in a row forcing the to kick a field goal taking the lead 44-41.

The Rush had one more opportunity to tie or win the game but were unable to move the ball in the final 25 seconds resulting in a missed 45 field goal attempt by rush Kicker #7 Riley Brown to tie the game.

The Rush look to regroup next weekend when they take on the Idaho Horseman in Idaho to decide who will be listed atop the AWFC leaderboards.