Rush beat Horsemen and Will host the Championship Game

by Brandon Tate

The stakes were high and the game played out like nobody wanted to lose. Both teams scrapping and fighting for every yard. But when the final bell was rung the Rush were victorious 47-40 cementing themselves as the #1 seed and will host the Championship Game on September 4th.

The Rush offense came out on fire continually lighting up the scoreboard with touchdown passes from QB Les to Obie to his Favorite targets #10 Dashun Salgado and #9 DeShon Williams. The offensive line and All-Star Running Back Keithon Flemming kept the chains moving and dominated the goal line near the end zone. Giving the Rush a two score lead late in the game that the Horsemen were not able to overcome.

The Rush defense which originally gave up 61 points to the Horsemen in there first meeting were all over the field creating turnovers and sacks and a goal line stand with under a minute to play that would lock up a Rush victory. 

The Horsemen will now head to Oregon for the semi-final matchup on 8/28. The Rush will face the winner at the Hapo Center on September 4th for the American West Football Conference Championship. Tickets go on sale Wednesday 8/18.