All Eyes on Marco

by Brandon Tate

Down 0-17 early in the first half the Rush came together as a team to pull off one of the most memorable comebacks ever at Hapo Stadium. As the Rush looked to close out the game and put the sweep to the Idaho Horsemen. All-League Running back Keithon Flemming went down.

RHINO DOWN!! The Dark Knight himself, the protector of Gotham City and leader of the Tri-City Rush will more than likely miss the remainder of the season and suffering an arm injury late in Saturdays game. Flemming has been the staple and the leader from the inception of the Rush. Leading the Rush to the championship in their first year in existence. Now for the first time the Rush must find a way to win and stay together as a team without there foremost leader and general. 

In steps Marco Garcia. Garcia who was with the Rush during the 2021 season was activated for all 11 regular season and playoff games. With Flemming being the majority stake holder of the running back reps Garcia had to make the most of his opportunities carrying the football. 

"Marco is a guy that trains as hard or harder than anyone in the league, he trains everyday to be a starter and has been ready for this opportunity. He fits the offense perfectly and he will be able to slide right into the starting running back role." - Head Coach Brandon Tate.

The Rush are currently at the half way point of their season sitting at 4-0. Having already beaten Idaho twice the Rush must overcome a tough Oregon defense at home as well as a top notch Skyhawks offense at home to hold the reigns at the top of the mountain.

So as they say, all Eyes are on Marco. Can he step in and fill the role the Rush need him to fill? Only time will tell and luckily for the Rush they are now on their bye week so they can make whatever adjustments they need to make and be ready for the back half of the season and playoffs.